She’s dong something and I need to check out what!

So today just when I was having some nice cuddling with granny my momi when’t out and starting making strange noises. Even doe it was were cosy in the blanket I decided to check it out. I barked at the door until it opened (it is always so slow!) And then there was a strange forest my place :O Momi was putting them all over the stairs. I can’t see outside but it smells nice, good work momi!!DSC02509.JPG

And then I notice my favorite neighbor was out! I love him. So I bark as crazy whenever I see him and then he always runs away, sometime upwards on too my roof.  I have tried to follow but I can’t climb trees or run upon the walls. But it was so nice seeing him!


And now I have checkout the neighborhood, and everything looks good. Time for some cuddling!

See ya! I wish ya all lots of hugs and treats! (And I want a cat)  



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