So this morning when I woke up today I got a bit of a chock. Lots and lots of snow, not that little thing we had around Christmas but lots of snow! It was the first time I saw and felt that much snow. Since I spent most winters in Spain, snow is still pretty strange to me. But boy was it fun! I ran and ran and attacked the snow, play with it, jumped in it, put my head in it and played with my stupid poodle friend in it. More snowflakes just fell out of the sky all the time.


Me and the poodle ice skating on the lake!



I am so the cutest dog in the snow today!


Momi fund it a bit hard to walk today because a lot of the trees they got loose in the last storm apparently could not take the extra weight. Luckily I am tiny (and cute) so I had zero problem.

She’s dong something and I need to check out what!

So today just when I was having some nice cuddling with granny my momi when’t out and starting making strange noises. Even doe it was were cosy in the blanket I decided to check it out. I barked at the door until it opened (it is always so slow!) And then there was a strange forest my place :O Momi was putting them all over the stairs. I can’t see outside but it smells nice, good work momi!!DSC02509.JPG

And then I notice my favorite neighbor was out! I love him. So I bark as crazy whenever I see him and then he always runs away, sometime upwards on too my roof.  I have tried to follow but I can’t climb trees or run upon the walls. But it was so nice seeing him!


And now I have checkout the neighborhood, and everything looks good. Time for some cuddling!

See ya! I wish ya all lots of hugs and treats! (And I want a cat)  


Tiny car trip

Today my momi had to go to the doctor so we had a tiny car trip. I like trips but they are best in the summer and spring because than more exiting thing happens and I can go with my momi to more places.


Coffeehouses are my favorite because there are always somebody that will pet me. Today I had to stay in the car all the time. But that’s kind of nice too. I love looking at people, dogs and all the things going on.


My momi stays with me in the car when granny goes shopping. We listening on the radio, eat some snacks and we are looking on all the people. And I can sit in momis knee all the time. Fun day!