So this morning when I woke up today I got a bit of a chock. Lots and lots of snow, not that little thing we had around Christmas but lots of snow! It was the first time I saw and felt that much snow. Since I spent most winters in Spain, snow is still pretty strange to me. But boy was it fun! I ran and ran and attacked the snow, play with it, jumped in it, put my head in it and played with my stupid poodle friend in it. More snowflakes just fell out of the sky all the time.


Me and the poodle ice skating on the lake!



I am so the cutest dog in the snow today!


Momi fund it a bit hard to walk today because a lot of the trees they got loose in the last storm apparently could not take the extra weight. Luckily I am tiny (and cute) so I had zero problem.

Finally momi is updating my blog!

So momi decided to start this year by being sick. She does this almost every year (I wonder if she gets tired of being sick?) so I am pretty used to it. But this time it was so long and it was so boring. Nobody to take nice photos of me.

Unfortunate now that momi is health again she has this silly idea about that we should train more, like that I should be good with being home alone (I REALLY DON’T LIKE THAT) and that I should train more for my treatis and use my brain…


And more showers… Do I need to tell you what I think of all this?

Working for treatis!

So momi says I am getting a tiny bit chubby (RUDE!) and therefore I am gonna get less treatis and more work. So she started to put my favorite treatis in a toilet roll. Well here is what I thought about it.


I spent five minute staring at momi and she still refused to open it and give me that treatis. Then I tried granny and she would not bug either. After a long long time, the longest 7 minutes I think I ever remember I had to fix this issue myself.

I am not amused by this experience and would rather that it did not repeat!

Christmas pictures!

I was gonna take nice Christmas pictures, but tonight it rained and it’s all green and wet outside 😦 It was not so fun taking walks outside today so momi and I are having some inside fun.


Momi also tried to take nice picture of our christmas tree. It did not go too well. But I think that I look cute at least.


I hope you all gonna have a nice christmas and lots of dogs and cats will have a great time and get lots of treaties.

Blood pudding treatis!

So today momi made my favorite treat, blood pudding or blood sausage depending on the translation. In Sweden it’s kind of standard food. It is very easy to do. You simply cut it in tiny pieces. Put the oven on 100 Celsius or some recipe says 125, but that depends a bit on your oven.



I have mine in for two hours on the bottom of the oven. Then they get almost perfectly crispy.


I am watching all household cooking’s!

Ruby the rocket!

Hi again! Today was lovely day, the sun was shining, we picked up my stupid friend the poodle and we had a wonderful time running like crazy.  Can you find me in the picture? Momi had a hard time capture the wonderful me.


I stopped I tiny minute so momi could get a nice picture of me, and a treats for me of course!


We also tried to take some photo of me and the poodle together. But he was just peeing and sniffing all around so I gave up and joined him in the sniffing.


I hope all dogs and people out there gets lovely walking weather and nice sniffing grounds!

Tricks and treaties

Yesterday momi was sick so it was a really boring day. Therefor we had tricks training today with CHEESE!!! I am super duper great when it come to treaties and today I was all over it. Check it out!


Is that not the cutest belly you ever seen? I am so great at this. Even if it dose takes a couple times to get it right, but that’s only because I am super excited!


I’m not letting go till I get that Cheese!! ( And you said paw! You did not specific that I had to give you mine…