So this morning when I woke up today I got a bit of a chock. Lots and lots of snow, not that little thing we had around Christmas but lots of snow! It was the first time I saw and felt that much snow. Since I spent most winters in Spain, snow is still pretty strange to me. But boy was it fun! I ran and ran and attacked the snow, play with it, jumped in it, put my head in it and played with my stupid poodle friend in it. More snowflakes just fell out of the sky all the time.


Me and the poodle ice skating on the lake!



I am so the cutest dog in the snow today!


Momi fund it a bit hard to walk today because a lot of the trees they got loose in the last storm apparently could not take the extra weight. Luckily I am tiny (and cute) so I had zero problem.

Ruby the rocket!

Hi again! Today was lovely day, the sun was shining, we picked up my stupid friend the poodle and we had a wonderful time running like crazy.  Can you find me in the picture? Momi had a hard time capture the wonderful me.


I stopped I tiny minute so momi could get a nice picture of me, and a treats for me of course!


We also tried to take some photo of me and the poodle together. But he was just peeing and sniffing all around so I gave up and joined him in the sniffing.


I hope all dogs and people out there gets lovely walking weather and nice sniffing grounds!


What do you know about squirrels? I know that they live high up in the trees and that they run away when I bark at them. There lives a squirrel at my home I have recently noticed. Today it woke me up by running at the wall and in the drains. It even peeked inside the window. Unfortunate momi was to slow to take a picture of him so I spent a better part of the day looking for him again. Then momi told me  that it was getting dark and cold inside.

Oh and I am not in jail, mom just decided to take a picture outside the gate.


Did you know that squirrels have a really good vision to be rodent? The weight about 250-350 gram and the have super long nice beautiful tail. I think it looks funny when they run. They live about six to ten meter up in the trees, that’s why I can rarely say hi to then. I tried claiming trees, and it doesn’t work. Momi told me dogs can’t climb. Well I not gonna stop trying, maybe I prove her wrong someday!

I gonna try to say hello again to mr squirrel tomorrow.

Rain and my stupid friend the poodle

Today momi was sleepy and granny was away so I had to do the hard work of waking her up. So when she trowed the pillow over her ears when I was talking, I know that I it would take more advance measurement. So I went up to sit above her head and scratch her with my pawn until she got up. I am a good at waking people up! (I admit I might have sat on her too, but lets be quiet about that..)

Unfortunate when we came out it was cold and worse, it was wet. When it’s stick nasty leafs gets stuck on pawns and then I have to be dryad when I coming home. Maybe momi was right not getting up today?


Today we also picked up my poodle friend. I always get very happy to see him because it’s fun to walk and play with someone else, BUT he’s a bit stupid. He pees on EVERYTHING and if I don’t are fast enough he dose it on me to 😦  He’s also clumsy and never comes when momi calls, so he doesn’t gets lots of treatis like me. (thats okey, I want all treats). But the worst part is that even after lots of lots of time he dose not understand that he can’t pee on all the mailboxes when he’s on a leash. He just keep on trying. And he claims he’s smarter then me because he’s a poodle?  Puh!

DSC02406.JPG Look, he can’t even stand still on a photo? How smart can he be???