What do you know about squirrels? I know that they live high up in the trees and that they run away when I bark at them. There lives a squirrel at my home I have recently noticed. Today it woke me up by running at the wall and in the drains. It even peeked inside the window. Unfortunate momi was to slow to take a picture of him so I spent a better part of the day looking for him again. Then momi told me  that it was getting dark and cold inside.

Oh and I am not in jail, mom just decided to take a picture outside the gate.


Did you know that squirrels have a really good vision to be rodent? The weight about 250-350 gram and the have super long nice beautiful tail. I think it looks funny when they run. They live about six to ten meter up in the trees, that’s why I can rarely say hi to then. I tried claiming trees, and it doesn’t work. Momi told me dogs can’t climb. Well I not gonna stop trying, maybe I prove her wrong someday!

I gonna try to say hello again to mr squirrel tomorrow.

She’s dong something and I need to check out what!

So today just when I was having some nice cuddling with granny my momi when’t out and starting making strange noises. Even doe it was were cosy in the blanket I decided to check it out. I barked at the door until it opened (it is always so slow!) And then there was a strange forest my place :O Momi was putting them all over the stairs. I can’t see outside but it smells nice, good work momi!!DSC02509.JPG

And then I notice my favorite neighbor was out! I love him. So I bark as crazy whenever I see him and then he always runs away, sometime upwards on too my roof.  I have tried to follow but I can’t climb trees or run upon the walls. But it was so nice seeing him!


And now I have checkout the neighborhood, and everything looks good. Time for some cuddling!

See ya! I wish ya all lots of hugs and treats! (And I want a cat)  


Tricks and treaties

Yesterday momi was sick so it was a really boring day. Therefor we had tricks training today with CHEESE!!! I am super duper great when it come to treaties and today I was all over it. Check it out!


Is that not the cutest belly you ever seen? I am so great at this. Even if it dose takes a couple times to get it right, but that’s only because I am super excited!


I’m not letting go till I get that Cheese!! ( And you said paw! You did not specific that I had to give you mine…

Sun and play!

Today the sun was out and it was dry everywhere so me and my stupid poodle friend had lots and lots of fun. It was extra fun because the wild-boars had been there the night before and made a mess of everything! It smelled so interesting and they had taken up soil,roots and leaf and it was sometimes hard to walk thru so I had to jump.

Peekaboo, play with me?


And this is how I felt about this day! Especially after I got momi to chase me a lot.


FYI my momi seriously need better condition.

Tiny car trip

Today my momi had to go to the doctor so we had a tiny car trip. I like trips but they are best in the summer and spring because than more exiting thing happens and I can go with my momi to more places.


Coffeehouses are my favorite because there are always somebody that will pet me. Today I had to stay in the car all the time. But that’s kind of nice too. I love looking at people, dogs and all the things going on.


My momi stays with me in the car when granny goes shopping. We listening on the radio, eat some snacks and we are looking on all the people. And I can sit in momis knee all the time. Fun day!


Today was a rainy and overall uninteresting day. I took my very long walk and then came home drenched, momi told be that I looked like a drowned rat. Highly offensive! And no, your not getting any photos of that, a lady have to be allowed some dignity.

So I decided that today was going to be a nesting day. How do you do that? Well I shall walk you through it. First you observe your momi or somebody else cuddling with a nice blanket. Then when she need to go to the toilette or fix something in the kitchen you get to work. First fix the blanket so it piles up, then go have fetch your toy, or teddy bear and lay it down. The make yourself comfortable and when momi comes give her your cutest look. Then she will not have the heart take the blanket from you. Nesting completed!


Good luck to all dogs! I hope your nesting will be as nice as mine.

Christmas decoration begins!

Today was staring kind of slow, momi and I did not sleep good because our next door neighbor decided to play lots of boom boom music. Seriously, it is already hard enough to get my momi to get up on a decent hour. I think he owes me a cat now! And we started to get all lights up in the house. I like it when stuff happens, best is if somebody comes to visit or going to visit someone. Or if they have treatis.. But today it was time to but up Christmas decoration and of course I did my part. I supervised EVERYTHING.
I am super duper good at that and I can say thanks to me it all went well.

DSC02430.JPGAll light makes me look good right?