Working for treatis!

So momi says I am getting a tiny bit chubby (RUDE!) and therefore I am gonna get less treatis and more work. So she started to put my favorite treatis in a toilet roll. Well here is what I thought about it.


I spent five minute staring at momi and she still refused to open it and give me that treatis. Then I tried granny and she would not bug either. After a long long time, the longest 7 minutes I think I ever remember I had to fix this issue myself.

I am not amused by this experience and would rather that it did not repeat!


Christmas pictures!

I was gonna take nice Christmas pictures, but tonight it rained and it’s all green and wet outside 😦 It was not so fun taking walks outside today so momi and I are having some inside fun.


Momi also tried to take nice picture of our christmas tree. It did not go too well. But I think that I look cute at least.


I hope you all gonna have a nice christmas and lots of dogs and cats will have a great time and get lots of treaties.

Blood pudding treatis!

So today momi made my favorite treat, blood pudding or blood sausage depending on the translation. In Sweden it’s kind of standard food. It is very easy to do. You simply cut it in tiny pieces. Put the oven on 100 Celsius or some recipe says 125, but that depends a bit on your oven.



I have mine in for two hours on the bottom of the oven. Then they get almost perfectly crispy.


I am watching all household cooking’s!

Christmas is coming with snow!

Momi has been sick so she could not help me update my blog. (Granny barley understand internet. But today we have been out and experiences snow. This is only the second time seeing snow in my life. I was born in Spain so at worst it was really rainy. I kind of like snow but I think it should taste better!


It was my very very first time experience is on the snow! It was so awesome going out on the lake, even doe momi was a bit anxious. So awesome that when it cracked I had to put my head down to see what is was!


This week momis gonna make homemade treatis for me! Se ya!

Ruby the rocket!

Hi again! Today was lovely day, the sun was shining, we picked up my stupid friend the poodle and we had a wonderful time running like crazy.  Can you find me in the picture? Momi had a hard time capture the wonderful me.


I stopped I tiny minute so momi could get a nice picture of me, and a treats for me of course!


We also tried to take some photo of me and the poodle together. But he was just peeing and sniffing all around so I gave up and joined him in the sniffing.


I hope all dogs and people out there gets lovely walking weather and nice sniffing grounds!


What do you know about squirrels? I know that they live high up in the trees and that they run away when I bark at them. There lives a squirrel at my home I have recently noticed. Today it woke me up by running at the wall and in the drains. It even peeked inside the window. Unfortunate momi was to slow to take a picture of him so I spent a better part of the day looking for him again. Then momi told me  that it was getting dark and cold inside.

Oh and I am not in jail, mom just decided to take a picture outside the gate.


Did you know that squirrels have a really good vision to be rodent? The weight about 250-350 gram and the have super long nice beautiful tail. I think it looks funny when they run. They live about six to ten meter up in the trees, that’s why I can rarely say hi to then. I tried claiming trees, and it doesn’t work. Momi told me dogs can’t climb. Well I not gonna stop trying, maybe I prove her wrong someday!

I gonna try to say hello again to mr squirrel tomorrow.

She’s dong something and I need to check out what!

So today just when I was having some nice cuddling with granny my momi when’t out and starting making strange noises. Even doe it was were cosy in the blanket I decided to check it out. I barked at the door until it opened (it is always so slow!) And then there was a strange forest my place :O Momi was putting them all over the stairs. I can’t see outside but it smells nice, good work momi!!DSC02509.JPG

And then I notice my favorite neighbor was out! I love him. So I bark as crazy whenever I see him and then he always runs away, sometime upwards on too my roof.  I have tried to follow but I can’t climb trees or run upon the walls. But it was so nice seeing him!


And now I have checkout the neighborhood, and everything looks good. Time for some cuddling!

See ya! I wish ya all lots of hugs and treats! (And I want a cat)