Today was a rainy and overall uninteresting day. I took my very long walk and then came home drenched, momi told be that I looked like a drowned rat. Highly offensive! And no, your not getting any photos of that, a lady have to be allowed some dignity.

So I decided that today was going to be a nesting day. How do you do that? Well I shall walk you through it. First you observe your momi or somebody else cuddling with a nice blanket. Then when she need to go to the toilette or fix something in the kitchen you get to work. First fix the blanket so it piles up, then go have fetch your toy, or teddy bear and lay it down. The make yourself comfortable and when momi comes give her your cutest look. Then she will not have the heart take the blanket from you. Nesting completed!


Good luck to all dogs! I hope your nesting will be as nice as mine.


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